Korfball is a very fun and entertaining sport, perhaps not so popular but is very well played across over 50+ countries in the world. If you belong to one of those countries and just starting out on playing korfball or if you’re an amateur in the game belonging to any part of the world, this article will ensure to provide you with sufficient enough detail about korfball. You can read up this article and get a good understanding of how the sport works such that you perform much better than you otherwise would the next time you go out to play.

Basic Rules:
The total number of players per team in a game of korfball is eight in number. Each team comprises of 4 boys and 4 girls. The individual teams are divided into two divisions or two groups comprising of 4 members in each group. The 4 members in each division include 2 girls and 2 boys. The central strategy of the game dictates for each independent division to either be attacking or defensive and is required to take position accordingly.
The attacking division/group in a team is responsible for putting the ball in the basket, thus scoring a point in the process. After every two points the attacking and defensive divisions switch positions and thus as a player playing korfball in any team, you need to be equipped with attacking as well as defensive skills. You are not allowed to make physical contact with your opponent during a match deliberately. You are not allowed to move or run with the ball but instead you are allowed to pass and throw, thus teamwork becomes critical in the sport. In a typical korfball match, girls mark guys while guys mark girls when the game is on-going.

Defended Shots:
Now, if you are in a defensive position, you will called a foul if you try to shoot the ball to the basket. That is not allowed as per the regular norms of the sport. A defender in korfball or a player in a defensive position in the game of korfball is merely trying to block any advances of the opponents trying to score a point in the basket. There are certain criteria that need to be met if you are a defender. The criteria are as follows:

  • The defender needs to be close to an attacking player of the team such that their chests would touch.
  • The defender needs to be much closer to the scoring post in comparison to the attacker.
  • Defenders have to be facing any of the many attackers at any point of times.

The general positions of the game include Collect/rebound, feed/assist. Most coaches stress on perfecting the former position than the later as it is what ultimately decides the fate of the game. Unlike the collect position, the feed position is more about setting up another of your players to score a goal in the run.

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