slot image 1If there was a secret formula for designing a slot game that every single slot player wanted to play, then the list and range of slot games would eventually get very small! However, one thing you may be wondering when you first decide to start playing slots online is just which lots are going to give you the most fun and entertainment.

Obviously when you are playing any type of slot machines anywhere, you will always want to win, but if you are going to lose as you cannot win all of the time of course then you may as well enjoy yourself when playing your chosen slot games!  One of our faves is Spartacus slot, thanks to its 100 win-lines and exciting bonus round.

Therefore, if it is the maximum fun and entertainment you are after then we would advise you to give some of the many video slot games a try, all mobile bingo sites and online casino sites will have a very large range of video slots on offer, and as they have video reels instead of the machine type reels found on three reel and classic slots they are certain the best slot games to play.

slot image 2You will also find that due to the very large and very unique range of bonus features and bonus games that will be awarded to you when playing video slots online, either for real money or for free, there will be an added levels of excitement when you play those types of slots and the bonus games re triggered and awarded to you!

However, the only real way that you are going to know for sure just which slot games you personally find entertaining and fun slots to play is to play a large number of them to see how you find each of them as a player!

It is very true to say that every slot player will have their own preferences in regards to the types of slot games they enjoy playing the most, and as such the only real way that you can find out just which slots give you the most excitement and entertainment will be to play as may of them as you can.

There are of course free play options on offer at all casino sites and bingo sites so why not set about having a few free play slot playing session and getting stuck into playing as many slots as you can for by doing that you can then pick the slots which you like to play the most having first played them for free!

The list of slots that you will have full access to when playing online is huge, and the number of brand new slots grows larger every week. Tiki Island is a slot which has, over the years, provide to be a great playing slot that to its built in features and its high RTP of 96.29%.

That slot is fully configurable and boasts optional pay lines, which means you can put into live play as many or as few of its pay lines as you like on your chosen stake amounts, and with two regularly trigger bonus rounds you will have more than enough winning opportunities!

As soon as you fancy playing slot games online then you will be faced with a huge number of different sites that offer a wide and very varied range of slots and each site will have its own promotional offers which will give you extra slot playing value.

However, as there are also many different software and game designers supplying the range of games to each of those sites you may be wondering which is the best one to use. If so then we can highly recommend the casinos that use the Gamesys gaming platforms and there are certainly lots of sites out there that do, so give some of those sites a try!